About Lainey

Lainey Fink Scott has always loved making art. While attending the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, Lainey enrolled in a ceramics class. The tactile nature of clay was a refreshing contrast to the many hours spent at the computer. After graduating from RISD, Lainey worked with design firms in NYC and Boston including, iconic designer, Milton Glaser. Back in Boston, she teamed up with her boyfriend, now husband and design partner, Ben Scott—a designer from Martha's Vineyard who she met at RISD. Together they founded Bluerock Design in 2011, where they specialize in timeless branding, graphic design, and photography.

While her experience with ceramics was love at first touch, she didn't throw for years. When Lainey and Ben moved to Martha's Vineyard her life shifted. The world of design and running a business continued to be both thrilling and satisfying, but she longed to work with her hands. Lainey began attending a local open studio to get back on the wheel. During the first year of living on the Island, she purchased her own wheel, kiln, tools, glazes, and transformed her basement into a pottery workspace.

While running Bluerock, her ceramics business has grown. This has allowed Lainey to hone her focus—creating structurally functional pieces that can be utilized every day. Lainey's work has been recognized by collectors, and most notably, commissioned by chefs at high-profile restaurants.

When she’s not designing at her computer, you can find her arms deep in clay—throw, trim, glaze, repeat.